April 29th, 2009

Are you preparing for retirement and you are not sure what you will do with your time when the big day comes?

Maybe you are already retired and the retirement lifestyle wasn’t what you thought it would be.

You can change that! You can change your retirement years to a life of excitement, adventure and meaning. After all, you will probably spend more years in this phase of your life than you spent on your last job.

By using Harry King – Retirement Coach and Sherpa as your guide, you can design a retirement lifestyle that is exciting and adventuresome, allowing you to experience life to the fullest.

When you take that big step from working to retirement, you will probably face many extreme changes in your lifestyle:

  • A change in your identity – who will you be now that you won’t be identified with your career?
  • The relationship with your spouse – instead of being at work most of your working day, you may be with your spouse 24/7. What will you do to balance the needs of each of you?
  • Who will be in your social circle as you leave old friends at work behind?
  • Your day was structured at work – what will you do with all that free time?
  • What will give your life purpose now that you don’t have your career to guide you?

These and many other issues will be addressed during the coaching relationship to help you plan the most exciting years of your life.

Call Harry at 864-414-0707 to schedule a complimentary consultation to see if working with a Retirement Coach is right for you.

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